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Foam printmaking

Kids don’t need to use any sharp tools when they create designs on flat foam sheets.  Just draw on the surface with a pencil or ball-point pen to make embossed lines. A regular printmaking brayer is then used to roll a thin layer of water-soluble printing ink over the foam, and a piece of construction […]

Sandwich Bag Collage

A collage is a design created out of found objects, from cut paper to cloth, leaves, string and all sorts of things.  To make a sandwich bag collage, start with a plastic sandwich bag.  Lay it flat on the table and arrange small, flat, lightweight collage objects inside.  Use colored paper snipped and torn into […]

Make Your Own Clay Tools

Kids love to work with clay – any sort of clay from home-made playdough to a beautiful, giant, muddy block of pottery clay!  You can buy special tools for working with clay at an art supply store, and of course, many household items can be used, such as: A rolling pin is a handy tool […]

Valentine Sculpture to Eat

Cookie dough “clay” will sweeten your Valentine’s day – or any other day of the year.  It’s a fun sculpting project that ends up with cookies to give to family and friends. What you”ll need: A grown-up to help kids bake! Sugar cookie dough.  Super easy to buy a tube of ready-to-bake dough at the […]

KidsArt Matisse Faces Activity

Henri Matisse was an Impressionist artist and one of the most innovative painters in 20th-century art. He was a master of color and form, and he used color in new and imaginative ways. Kids especially love the way Matisse used color in his paintings of faces. After looking at lots of Matisse portraits on the […]