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Foam printmaking

Kids don’t need to use any sharp tools when they create designs on flat foam sheets.  Just draw on the surface with a pencil or ball-point pen to make embossed lines. A regular printmaking brayer is then used to roll a thin layer of water-soluble printing ink over the foam, and a piece of construction […]

Sandwich Bag Collage

A collage is a design created out of found objects, from cut paper to cloth, leaves, string and all sorts of things.  To make a sandwich bag collage, start with a plastic sandwich bag.  Lay it flat on the table and arrange small, flat, lightweight collage objects inside.  Use colored paper snipped and torn into […]

Make Your Own Clay Tools

Kids love to work with clay – any sort of clay from home-made playdough to a beautiful, giant, muddy block of pottery clay!  You can buy special tools for working with clay at an art supply store, and of course, many household items can be used, such as: A rolling pin is a handy tool […]

Valentine Sculpture to Eat

Cookie dough “clay” will sweeten your Valentine’s day – or any other day of the year.  It’s a fun sculpting project that ends up with cookies to give to family and friends. What you”ll need: A grown-up to help kids bake! Sugar cookie dough.  Super easy to buy a tube of ready-to-bake dough at the […]