The Great Broccoli Forest

broccoliDraw a couple curved lines on a big sheet of white paper to make hills. Slice a small piece of broccoli in half, right down the middle (ask an adult to do this, beacuse it takes a sharp knife to make a really smooth cut). Pat the flat side of one of the broccoli slices into a thin layer of paint that you have sperad on a plate. Pat it a few times so the paint gets all over the flat broccoli. Then carefully stamp the broccoli on the paper, making a tree shape on one of your curvey hills. Make more trees…and more trees. Make a whole forest. Stamp with both slices of the broccoli. Add little drops of other colors to your plate of paint. Orange and gold colors will make your forest look like autumn.

VeggiePrintingAfter your forest is finished and the paint has dried, you can draw little animals or people around the trees. In our example, a little slice of a green bean was stamped to look like mushrooms or rocks on the ground. Experiment…have fun…what other vegetable stamps can you invent?

Materials: Paper, crayons, green tempera paint (and other colors if you want), a piece of broccoli top, paintbrush, knife, plate.

Time: 10-15 minutes.


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