Top Ten Art Lists

Top Ten Tips and Tricks with Watercolor Paints Pull out that long box of watercolor paints, grab a paintbrush and pour a jar of water…and let the fun begin.

Top Ten Online Art Museums for Kids Visit an art museum on the Internet.

Top Ten Things to Use for a Monster Costume One of these days you might feel like turning yourself into a monster.

Top Ten Periods in Western Art History A good framework for learning about the art of the Western world.

Top Ten Music for Abstract Art Whatever you create is exactly right…your own interpretation of the music.

Top Ten Things to Remember when you Teach Art From one of the most remarkable books in art education, Art Activities for the Very Young by F. Louis Hoover published in 1961.

Top Ten Coupons for Kids to Give to their Parents A hand-made coupon book is a great gift for kids to give.

Top Ten Things to Collect for Collage Art Cut and paste your own collage masterpieces.

Top Ten Favorite American Artists for Kids to Know …though you might have hundreds more favorites!