Amazing Maya Inventions You Can Build Yourself

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Children explore the fascinating lives of Mexico’s ancient Maya people with dozens of activities, abundant illustrations, and rich historical detail in this 128 page, 8″ by 10″, quality paperback book.  Arts, crafts and many other activities abound!

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KidsArt is all about hands-on learning, and this interactive activity book explores the fascinating lives of Mexico’s ancient Maya people with more than two dozen hands-on projects. The amazing accomplishments of the ancient Maya as well as the Maya currently living in Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula are highlighted in this collection of 25 creative, educational, hands-on projects.

Covering everything from the 20-base numbering system to the Maya’s extensive trade relationships, kids learn the significance of a “jade” ceremonial mask, language development with a screen-fold book for drawings and hieroglyphs, and Maya astronomy with a sand art picture of the cosmos. Informative text and sidebars teach about the Maya’s impressive achievements in science, math, language, music, medicine, and architecture; and their daily activities and management of natural resources.

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