American Folk Art for Kids

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Kids about the rich history of American folk art as they are inspired to create their own masterpieces.  From the Shakers to the legendary Grandma Moses, quilts, woodwork, and much more. For students ages 8 and up….128 pages fully illustrated.

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This activity guide teaches kids about the history of organic art and inspires them to create their own masterpieces.

The full breadth of American folk art is surveyed, including painting, sculpture, decorative arts, and textiles from the 17th century through today. Making bubblegum wrapper chains, rag dolls, bottle cap sculptures, decoupage boxes, and folk paintings are just a few of the activities designed to bring out the artist in every child. Along the way kids learn about the lives of Americans throughout history and their casual relationships to everyday art as they cut stencils, sew needlepoint samplers, draw calligraphy birds, and design quilts.

Each chapter contains several related projects ranging from reverse painting on glass to quilting, stenciling, and tin-can sculpture. Some activities might be best for family exploration (e.g., a sponge-painted stool), but most are easily adapted to classroom use.

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