Ancient Egyptians and Their Neighbors

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Children discover what life was like in the cradle of civilization…the ancient Egyptians and their neighbors with the dozens of activities, abundant photos and illustrations, and rich historical detail in this 186 page book from Chicago Review Press.

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This excellent activity book presents the cradle of civilization…the ancient Egyptians and their neighbors. Children will learn about four cultures : the Egyptians, the Mesopotamians, the Nubians and the Hittites. Fun hands-on projects help young explorers connect with these ancient cultures and see how they have influenced our own. Included are activities such as:

  • Construct a Nile boat and learn about trade on the Nile River
  • Write cuneiform on clay and discover other ancient forms of writing
  • Build an irrigation machine and find our how the Nubians grew crops in the desert
  • Design a royal headdress in southern Mesopotamian style
  • Build a model mud-brick house
  • Design a model Egyptian garden
  • …and many more inventive, child-centered activities.