Art Matters

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Art projects make learning fun and enhance writing, reading, history and math activities.  This book offers a huge collection of ideas and lesson plans to help integrate art into all curriculum areas for students from age 5 through age 18.  It is a book that classroom and homeschool teachers will use for years!

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Art Matters is a great “how-to” book for all teachers of any subject. It is well thought out, practical and enables any teacher to easily integrate creative thinking and art experiences into other subjects.

In this valuable teaching guide, teachers and homeschool parents will see how the visual arts can be used to inspire creative writing and drama, explore music, math, science, and history, cultivate critical thinking skills and improve the quality of final projects in any subject. The activities range from thought-provoking suggestions to concrete, hands-on lesson plans. The book includes an extensive resource list for classroom teachers and homeschool parents who may not have an art background, and wish they knew more.  Activities for all ages… students ages 5 through 18….192 pages illustrated.

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