Colonial America Projects

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KidsArt is all about hands-on learning combining all curriculum areas, and this book combines American History and Art with amazing results.

From colonial fashions and trades to biographies on key historical figures such as Captain John Smith and Thomas Jefferson, this interactive guide blends engaging activities with facts and trivia about early America. Encouraging readers to explore the daily lives of early colonists, common household items are used for such activities as rug braiding, candle making, weather forecasting, and various Native American games. A colonial time line, common terms used in early American life, and a directory of famous historic sites is also included.

“An abundant and valuable resource for engaging students in
understanding early American life.” -Jack Larkin, chief historian and
museum scholar, Old Sturbridge Village, Sturbridge, Massachusetts

Dozens of activities, abundant illustrations, and rich historical
detail in this 128 page, 8″ by 10″, quality paperback book from Nomad Press.

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