Colonial Kids

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Learn what life was like in Colonial America, where kids worked right alongside their parents to help make their brand-new communities succeed.  Dozens of activities, abundant illustrations, and rich historical detail in this 128 page, 8″ by 10″, quality paperback book.

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Colonial kids were clever and inventive; making their own toys like wooden tops and yarn dolls, playing games like Honey Pot and Bilbo Catcher, tying sailors’ knots, steaming clams, learning colonial manners, dyeing a shirt, stitching a sampler, and playing leapfrog. Dozens of illustrated activities follow a brief introduction to early Americans and their daily lives.

Throughout the book, small text boxes add interesting tidbits, such as the definition of “pilgrim” and why the English “drank out of their boots.” The activities are divided into eight chapters: “Sailing and Settling,” “Clothes and More,” “Home Sweet Home,” “Dinnertime,” “Everyday Life,” “Arts and Crafts,” “School and Learning,” and “Fun and Games.” The activities in this great book will bring American history alive for your students – with crafts, replicas, games, food and art projects for ages 5-12.

  • Make a colonial-style wig and a tie on apron
  • Make a compass
  • Churn butter and taste candied orange peel
  • Drink spiced cider
  • Write a letter with a quill pen and walnut-shell ink
  • Dip candles
  • And many more hands-on activities!