Dali and the Surrealists for Kids

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This excellent book makes learning about Surrealist art a fun and creative process. The bizarre and often humorous creations of Rene Magritte, Joan Miro, Salvador Dali, and other surrealists are showcased in this activity guide for young artists.  For students ages 8 and up….144 pages beautifully illustrated.

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Foremost among the surrealists, Salvador Dali was a painter, filmmaker, designer, performance artist, and eccentric self-promoter. His famous icons, including the melting watches, double images, and everyday objects set in odd contexts, helped to define the way people view reality and encourage children to view the world in new ways. Dali’s controversial life is explored while children trace the roots of some familiar modern images.

Full color images of famous artworks and hands-on activities explore the Surrealist movement in art. Included are:

  • making Man Ray-inspired solar prints
  • filming a dreamscape video
  • writing surrealist poetry
  • a crystal’s view of the world translated into artwork
  • making collages
  • assembling art with found objects
  • creating “double image” art
  • …and many more inventive, child-centered activities.