How To Draw Cartoons Video Kit

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Pull out the old VCR machine for an incredible hands-on course in drawing cartoons! Bruce Blitz is host of the Emmy-nominated TV series “Blitz on Cartooning,” and his video lessons are wonderful. We’ve used this video to teach cartooning classes at our local schools, with kids from 3rd grade through Junior High, and with excellent results! Kids really like Bruce’s low-key style and easy-to-learn techniques.

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It’s always handy having lessons on video. Kids can return to a particular segment over and over, trying the activities again and creating new cartoon situations. They’ll learn to draw a wide variety of cartoon faces and expressions, with all the cartooning special effects such as motion lines, puffs of smoke, spinning stars and, of course, sweat and drool (what fun!). They’ll learn to draw cartoon bodies, figures in motiion, cartoon animals and simple backgrounds. This is one great video kit! The 60 minute video tape comes packaged with the drawing supplies needed to get started on the exercise…incuding

  • Easy to follow Video Tape
  • Cartoon Lessons wall chart
  • Cartooning pen, drawing pencil and sharpener
  • Sketch pad


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