Draw and Color Cats and Dogs

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This is a wonderful book for kids ages 6 and older who want to draw realistic animals. Starting with a circle, a square, and a triangle, the colorful instructions show how to draw a Persian Himalayan cat, a Pomeranian, a Maine coon, a pug puppy, and many more furry pets. Draw and Color: Cats and Dogs takes kids step by step through the process of creating an image of each animal — from the first circle of of a kitten’s head to the pattern in the golden fur of a retriever.

The sturdy plastic cover opens to a spiral bound book with 48 pages, and includes blank sketchbook pages in the back, a puppy-shaped eraser, and a set of double-sided colored pencils in a sturdy zip pouch.  And if that’s not enough fun, there’s 100 dog, cat and paw-print stickers too.

Quizzes and fun facts about everyone from the Chihuahua to the Ragdoll complete this easy and fun package. Soon they’ll be creating your own masterpieces — one paw at a time!

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