Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain

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This classic how-to-draw book has made learning how to draw more rewarding and successful than any previous method. It is one of the most successful and best loved books in the history of drawing books! It is based on the way the human brain processes information. Visual and spacial thought processes happen in sections of the brain on the right side of the body…essentially allowing us to see and therefore draw things.

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Through a series of innovative and enjoyable drawing exercises, the author Betty Edwards helps students develop their natural abilities to see and draw. Instead of analyzing and measuring, students relax and begin to really look at objects and draw what they see…not what they “think” the object should look like.

rtbrain_bforaftr“Before” and “After” drawings show the difference the activities in this book make on a student’s skills. The exercises are enjoyable, and can be followed from the book, step-by-step, with fantastic results. What a great way to boost an older student’s confidence and enjoyment of the art!

This book is great for older kids and adults…ages 12 and up…who are struggling to draw realistic pictures. This is a common stage where kids get discouraged and often end up dropping art altogether out of frustration. Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain can turn that struggle into joy again. The activities are fun…almost magical in their quality of discovery. Edward’s methods help students discover the skills of gesture and contour drawing, positive and negative space, perspective and proportion.