Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera for Kids

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Children learn about the great Mexican artists, surrealist Frida Kahlo and muralist Diego Rivera, with this imaginative and colorful book.  Discovering Mexican muralists and surrealism is a fun and creative process. For students ages 8 and up….148 pages beautifully illustrated.

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Vibrant illustrations throughout the book include Rivera’s murals and paintings, Kahlo’s dreamscapes and self-portraits, pre-Columbian art and Mexican folk art, as well as many photographs of the two artists. 

Children will learn that art is more than just pretty pictures; it can be a way to express the artist’s innermost feelings, a source of everyday joy and fun, an outlet for political ideas, and an expression of hope for a better world. Sidebars will introduce children to other Mexican artists and other notable female artists. A time line, listings of art museums and places where Kahlo and Rivera’s art can be viewed, and a list of relevant web sites complete this cross-cultural art experience.

Included are activities such as:

  • Painting a self-portrait Kahlo-style
  • Creating a mural with a social message like Rivera
  • Making a Day of the Dead ofrenda
  • Crafting an Olmec head carving
  • Printmaking in the style of Jose Posada
  • Making tin art greeting cards
  • …and many more inventive, child-centered activities.