The Great American Artists for Kids Book

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Hands-On Art for Children in the Style of Great American Artists from Colonial Times through Today. Great American Artists for Kids lets children learn by doing, becoming familiar with new ideas and expanding their awareness in many different forms of art, from paint and drawing to sculpture, photography, architecture and more. A valuable teaching resource! For students ages 4 – 12 or older….140 pages fully illustrated.

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Fun and easy art-appreciation activities to explore the work of 75 great American artists from colonial times to the present. A brief biography for each artist tells why his or her work is important, and a kid-tested art activity tries out the artist’s approach. Projects are centered on the creative process and encourage kids to try unusual techniques such as block printing, soak-stain, and stone carving as they learn about architecture, drawing, painting, photography, and sculpture. A resource guide provides a glossary of art terms, a list that groups the artists by style, a list of the artists’ birthdays, an index of art supplies, and websites for viewing art online.

Georgia O’Keeffe – Desert Painting
Frederic Remington – Face Cast
Leroy Nieman – Action Athletes
James Whistler – Clay Engraving
Roy Lichtenstein – Comic Speech Balloons
Janet Fish – Painting Transparent Containers
…and MANY MORE easy, child-centered activities.

This excellent book is co-written by KidsArt’s Kim Solga and MaryAnn Kohl, award-winning author and leader in the field of process-oriented art for children.

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