KidsArt Animals

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Roll it…thump it…smash it down on the table…squish it through your fingers! Learn how to work with clay with the activities in KidsArt Clay booklet, filled with innovative projects and worksheets.  16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities for elementary and middle school students.

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The KidsArt Animals booklet also brings you animals in art history, an African leopard sculpture, gargoyles, a painting to color by Paul Gaugin…inspiration to spark lots of great student artwork.  Included are activities in:

  • Drawing from real life
  • Nature notebooks
  • Wire sculpture
  • Bugs!
  • Habitat art
  • Endangered species collage…and lots more

KidsArt art teaching units bring you 16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities. The projects are simple, innovative and easy to use in home or classroom settings. Because the activities are open-ended, teaching the process rather than a specific product or end result, they can be used with many different ages and stages of development, from preschool through middle school.

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