KidsArt Chalk and Charcoal

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The KidsArt Chalk and Charcoal unit brings you creative projects for kids of all ages, with chalk, sidewalk chalk, pastel chalks, charcoal and charcoal pencils. …inspiration to spark lots of great student artwork.  16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities for elementary and middle school students.

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Chalk is for writing on a blackboard, and charcoal is used to barbeque hamburgers on the grill…right? Well, partly right. Chalk and charcoal are also art materials, great for drawing and creating mixed-media pictures. This art teaching unit from KidsArt brings you all sorts of great projects using these classic materials. Included are activities in:

  • The kinds of chalks and charcoal used by artists
  • The right paper to use with these
  • Drawing techniques
  • Famous artists using charcoal
  • Activities from MaryAnn Kohl’s Good Earth Art
  • Chalk reflections
  • Pastels and White Glue…and lots more, like chalk on black paper, a technique used in the “Night Roads” example.

KidsArt art teaching booklets bring you 16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities. The projects are simple, innovative and easy to use in home or classroom settings. Because the activities are open-ended, teaching the process rather than a specific product or end result, they can be used with many different ages and stages of development, from preschool through middle school.