KidsArt Color

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Kids learn about color theory with the activities in this KidsArt art teaching booklet, filled with innovative projects and worksheets  16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities for elementary and middle school students.

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The KidsArt Color booklet includes a biography of the artist Wassily Kandinsky and hands-on activities to help kids explore his unique contributions to art history.  Included are activities in:

  • The color wheel
  • Complimentary colors
  • Resist Paintings
  • Color Day, Color Names and a Color Hunt
  • A wonderful Color Box sculpture/assemblage project
  • The science of color
  • Color Spinners…and lots more

KidsArt art teaching booklets bring you 16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities. The projects are simple, innovative and easy to use in home or classroom settings. Because the activities are open-ended, teaching the process rather than a specific product or end result, they can be used with many different ages and stages of development, from preschool through middle school.