KidsArt Printmaking

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The KidsArt Fun with Printmaking booklet brings you creative projects for a wide variety of printmaking techniques and a special art history section on the artist Albrecht Durer, printmaker from the 1500s. …inspiration to spark lots of great student artwork.  16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities for elementary and middle school students.

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One of the best things about printmaking, besides all the fun students will have, is making dozens of wonderful pictures from each project. It is a perfect artform for all ages, and for groups of students of different ability levels. KidsArt Printmaking brings you all sorts of great projects in a variety of traditional printmaking techniques. Included are activities in:

  • Printmaking tools and materials
  • Embossed foam and cardboard relief prints
  • Stamper blocks from sticky-back foam
  • Carving relief prints
  • Printing T-shirts with easy iron-on stencils you make yourself
  • Eraser stamps
  • …and lots more!

KidsArt art teaching booklets bring you 16 reproducible pages of hands-on art activities. The projects are simple, innovative and easy to use in home or classroom settings. Because the activities are open-ended, teaching the process rather than a specific product or end result, they can be used with many different ages and stages of development, from preschool through middle school.