Large Palette for Paints

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A palette is an essential tool for artists using tube watercolor paints. It provides small and large wells for squeezing out pure pigments, as well as larger areas for mixing different colors and washes of color. Unused paint can be left to dry in the wells, then diluted again with water at a later painting session…no waste!  This fine palette is the best we’ve found for use with kids. The high-impact plastic is stain-proof white…cleans up easily with a damp paper towel, and holds all the colors a kid might need. There are several paint-mixing areas on the 9″ by 13″ surface for creating tones and diluted washes of color. The mixing areas slant down at one side to hold puddles of paint easily.

The palette is most oftne used with tube watercolors, but will also be handy for acrylics (as shown in the photo) and with tempera paints.

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