Look! Really Smart Art


Another great simple book that helps you look at art in basic ways..  Artists have so many clever ways of showing you new and different ways of seeing. How do they show high speed movement? What do they do to create 3D effects? How do they create portraits whose eyes follow you around the room? How do they make textures that you want to reach out and touch?  Big, colorful artworks and paintings and other images by artists such as Escher, Hockney, Chagall, Pollock, Magritte, Durer, Seurat, Riley, Dali, and Van Dyck vividly illustrate effects such as tromp l’oeil, surrealism, creating texture, theatrical use of light, multiple viewpoints, colour effects such as pointilism, visual suggestion and many more tricks of the trade.  Large 48 page hardcover book.

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