Rembrandt & Kids Interactive CD

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Through the magic of CD technology, kids walk through a museum filled with works by Rembrandt, and interact with the environment as they learn more about the paintings and play games. They can take a closer look at Rembrandt’s masterpieces to get more information on specific details, or learn about where the work was painted and the techniques the artist used.   Kids explore the Encyclopedia section to become a Rembrandt experts, and they’ll even help the Director of the museum catalog Rembrandt’s paintings by playing action games, solving puzzles and word games, and more. Created in Amsterdam, both English and Dutch language versions are included on this exciting CD for PC computers.

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Rembrandt & Kids is a fun way for children to learn about one of the great Dutch painters: Rembrandt van Rijn. Contained on this CD-ROM for PC computers, the activities include beautiful images, creative presentations (such as Rembrandt’s self-portraits through his life, one face blending slowly into another as kids view the master artist from age 22 to age 63), games kids will love to play, as well as plenty of information on the great painter, his works, and his art.