Scribble Art

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The clear and easy-to-follow projects in Scribble Art are exactly what children need to become skilled, independent and joyful about art.  Teachers, parents and especially kids will love this book…great for children from preschool through ages 8-9.  160 pages.

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This art project book is a classic…the best of the new generation of open-ended activity books for children. Author MaryAnn Kohl provides over 200 easy, open-ended and child-safe art activities to encourage process, discovery and exploration. The book includes activities for Paper and Collage, Crayon and Chalk, Paint and Dye, Printing, Sculpture and Modeling and Construction, as well as Resources, Materials and Guidelines.

Each activity teaches a process, a technique or a specific skill…but leaves the final artwork undefined. Children are free to create art of their own choosing. There is no right or wrong way for the art ideas in this book to turn out. There is only each child artist’s way, bounded only by the imagination of the child, and judged only by his or her satisfaction.

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