How to Talk to Children About Art

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In everyday language this handy little book shows how to explain to children what to look for and how to enjoy paintings as diverse as a Renaissance religious scene to Jackson Pollock’s splatter abstracts. How to Talk to Children about Art examines thirty very interesting paintings by great artists, from the early Renaissance to the present day in a very readable question-and-answer format.  208 pages, full color throughout.

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The book provides the kinds of questions a child might ask about the paintings, then gives straightforward answers. Questions such as:

  • Who are the people in this painting?
  • Why has the artist used those colors?
  • How did the artist choose what to paint?
  • …and much more

The book inspires art appreciation and reveals that the simplest questions can be among the most pertinent. Having read through this enjoyable book with children, and contemplated the colorful illustrations, every adult will discover that they themselves have become art-educated and more aware of the conversations with kids that great art can inspire.  Future discussions about great art will become easier and more spontaneous.

Color-coded tabs on the pages let adults flip to sections appropriate to the ages of their children (5-7 years, 8-10 years, 11-13+ years).