Tempera Paint Set of 6


JUST ADD WATER! Tempera paint is the most popular medium for art education, and for many reasons. It’s inexpensive, safe for all ages, cleans up easily with water, is fun to use, and lots more. Use tempera paint to teach all the basic skills of brush painting, for printmaking, posters, painting on windows, and for all sorts of arts and crafts projects. See a couple fun paint “recipes” below.

At KidsArt, we sell a complete set of high-quality, washable, opaque Dry Tempera paint manufactured in the USA by Sargent Art. Parents, teachers and students appreciate Dry Tempera, because it has an unlimited storage life and is non-toxic. The economical paint mixes readily with water as you need it to cover large areas of paper, wood, cloth or glass. This 6 pound set gives you enough paint to use in hundreds of art sessions, from painting huge posters, fabric backdrops for plays, and large cardboard playhouses, to detailed brush paintings, illustrations and drawings.

Dry Tempera can also be mixed by adults into molding materials such as clay, papier mache; and plaster, resulting in unique coloring effects when water is added. See just a few recipes at the bottom of this page. Note: Be careful to avoid breathing paint dust when mixing.

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